Masters/Juniors 2002 Results from New England rev 7/26/02

7/20/02 A thunderstorm knocked out all phone service at the hotel yesterday which kept us from posting the update. Heavy rain cleared in time for the discathon finals. Murky, but dry for all of the SCF prelims and semis, but then the rain came in again and washed out the freestyle prelims which were moved to Saturday.

7/18 PM. Accuracy Final, Golf Final, Distance, Discathon, SCF and Overall info now up.Some Junior results up as well now for those events as well. It got a good bit warmer and more humid today. Schedule changed today having ddc first, followed by some scf.

7/20/02 A great final day with hot freestyle and a magnificent Seafood feast. Team Wisconson gave a strong presentation for the 2003 Masters in Madison.

Massive thanks to all of NEFA who delivered a legendary event!




Double Disc Court



Self-Caught Flight



Much thanks to Harvey Brandt for his tireless work on the meet statistics. Web work by Stork.



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