We can imprint your artwork on any of these four Frisbee models:

Models Available: UMAX Model (82 Mold) Jr. Ultimate (100 Mold) Fastback Model Mini Model
Diameter: 10 7/8" 9 7/8" 9 5/16" 3 7/8"
Approx. Weight: ~175g ~130g ~110g ~15g
Setup Costs

Metal Die Charge (Per Color): $75.00 $75.00 $65.00 $40.00
Setup Charge (One Color): $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $10.00
Each Additional Color: $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 N/A
Quantity Brackets

100 - 199 $3.70 $3.00 $1.60 N/A
200 - 499 $3.45 $2.70 $1.45 $0.70
500 - 999 $3.35 $2.60 $1.35 $0.65
1000 - 2499 $3.30 $2.50 $1.30 $0.60
2500 - 4999 $3.20 $2.45 $1.25 $0.58
5000 - 9999 $3.10 $2.40 $1.20 $0.55
10000+ Please Call or E-Mail Us for Special Pricing
Additional Charges

Extra Stamp Color Per Disc: $0.10 $0.10 $0.10 N/A
Recycled Material: $0.30 $0.00 $0.00 N/A
Glow In The Dark Material $0.80 $0.30 $0.25 $0.10
Flex & Super Flex Material N/A N/A
$0.25 N/A

Please email your order & artwork to sales@dtworld.com. You can view our artwork requirements below for an understanding of proper format and design.
For additional questions or inquires, please call us at (714) 522-2202

General Order Information

MINIMUM ORDER: 100 units per model (Mini model is 200 units)

TERMS: Payment in advance

PRODUCTION TIME: 3-4 weeks plus shipping

Production time begins after artwork approval and receipt of order and payment information. Expedited orders may be accommodated depending on our production schedule.

Our selection of disc and imprint colors can be seen below. Colors are subject to availability. Disc colors must be ordered at a minimum of 50 discs per color. An example is shown below:

50 white discs with a blue imprint

50 black discs with a silver imprint

50 yellow discs with a metallic red imprint

50 red discs with a white imprint

Artwork Requirements

THE HOT-STAMPING PROCESS: Discs are imprinted using a hot-stamping process. Your artwork is first etched into a metal die. The die is flipped upside down and inserted into a hot stamp machine which heats up the die. A piece of foil is placed between the metal die and the disc. The die stamps the disc melting the foil onto the surface of the disc in the shape of your design. The hot-stamping process is the most permanent and durable way to imprint a Frisbee and can be done with precision, resulting in detailed artwork that lasts.

ACCEPTABLE ARTWORK FORMATS: We use vector graphic files for hot- stamping because they offer the cleanest, crispest version of the artwork for the this process. It's important to remember that what you see when you print the artwork is what the metal die will look like. We prefer vector Illustrator (.EPS CS5, .AI or .PDF) files; however, we are happy to review any artwork to see if it can work with our process.


Models Available: UMAX Model Jr. Ultimate Fastback Model Mini Model
Disc Diameter:
10 7/8"
9 7/8"
9 5/16"
3 7/8"
Printable Diameter:
2 1/2"

MULTI-COLOR DESIGNS: We cannot process designs where colors blend or overlap; there must be separation between different colors in your artwork. Please leave a distance of at least 1/16 of an inch between different colors. The foils used to imprint the discs are designed to adhere to the plastic of the disc and not to other foils.

COVERAGE AREAS: Large solid areas do not hot-stamp well. When coverage areas are too large, air pockets are created, which produce drops (small areas where the foil does not adhere) within your design. Any lines thicker than half an inch, and any solid areas bigger than a nickel tend to cause problems.

STAMPING ON RECYCLED FRISBEES®:Please note that stamping on our recycled Frisbees® tends to have more issues than our standard discs. Small drops in your design can occur where the foil does not fully adhere to the disc. Please feel free to ask us what you can expect with your design on a recycled disc.

Pantone values are closest match and not exact.

Standard UMAX Colors

Red (192c) Orange (1655c) Yellow (102c) Green (360c) Blue (300c) Clear White Black

Premium UMAX Colors

Recycled Glow
Base Color May Vary

Fastback Colors

Red (192c) Orange (1655c) Yellow (102c) Green (360c) Blue (300c) Purple (2645c) Pink (213c)
White Black Recycled Pale Yellow Flex Blue Flex (290c) Peach Flex (162)
Base Color May Vary

Jr. Ultimate Colors

Red (192c) Orange (1655c) Yellow (102c) Blue (300c) Clear White Black
Recycled Glow
Base Color May Vary

Mini Colors

Red (192c) Orange (1655c) Yellow (102c) Blue (300c) Purple (2645c) Green (360c) Pink (213c) White Black


Imprint Colors

Red (199c) Dark Teal (3155c) Metallic Bronze
Orange (021c) Purple (2602c) Metallic Burnished Gold
Yellow (012c) Maroon (202c) Metallic Burnished Silver
Goldenrod (123c) Pink (211c) Metallic CD Blue
Forest Green (349c) Brown (4695c) Metallic CD Silver
Kelly Green (348c) Gray (430c) Metallic Chrome Silver
Lime Green (368c) Black Metallic Fuchsia
Cobalt Blue (2728c) White Metallic Green
Reflex Blue Metallic Blue Metallic Purple
Sky Blue (299c)
Metallic Red