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Elevation Disc Golf - Interceptor Divergent Discs - StayPut Golem Elevation Disc Golf - Koi
Elevation Disc Golf - Koi
Our Price: $22.99
The Alpas by Divergent Discs is a very unique putt and approach disc made in flexible silicone rubber material that Divergent calls StayPut. The disc will more successfully "Stay Put" when it hits the ground, reducing unfortunate skips and slides. It can be used as an understable approach disc to get through tight fairways without needing to throw hard, or it can be used as a putter for players who like a shallow rim and a flat disc profile. It is a great choice as an all-around starter disc for new players, or as a specialty disc for experienced players.

Speed: 4, Glide: 4, Turn: -2, Fade: 1

Discs come in assorted colors and swirls!
The Golem is an overstable putt & approach disc. It has a flat top and a comfortable grip for both backhand and forehand throws. As an overstable putter it will provide a straight flight with no turn and a consistent fade. The Golem can also handle most windy conditions without drastically changing its flight path. It is released in unique Stayput silicone rubber so that it avoids most skips and slides ones it lands, plus the material provides a very good grip.

Speed: 4, Glide: 2, Turn: 0, Fade: 3.5

Discs come in assorted colors and swirls!
As Elevation Disc Golf's first putter, the Koi is made to float to the basket with ease. This straight to under-stable putter will hold every line you put it on, and our floppy rubber material will ensure it stops on a dime and melts into the chains. The PDGA approved Koi gives you the confidence needed to run even the most difficult putts and dangerous approaches.

Speed: 3, Glide: 4, Turn: -1, Fade: 0

3rd run of the Koi

Max of 4 per customer - Reorders will be refunded and cancelled

Available June 22nd at 5pm
Elevation Disc Golf - Interceptor
This overstable midrange has a low profile and a groove on the flight plate, creating a perfect feel for both forehands and backhands. Made from flexible, durable rubber, the PDGA approved Interceptor gives you the confidence needed to make the most precarious approaches look easy.