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Streamline Discs Proton Soft Echo - OTB Open 2023 Wave 2 Streamline Discs Eclipse Flare - OTB Open 2023 Wave 2
Finally receiving a stock release after releasing to rave reviews in 2022s Circuit Challenge, Streamlines Neutron Echo is here to fly straight for you! Featuring a slightly deeper hand feel than MVPs midranges, the Echo has flight numbers of 5 | 5 | -1.5 | 1 that match its absolutely buttery lines and feel. This disc just wants to fly straight! Capable of touch hyzer flips and controlled turnovers for high power players, the Echo is going to become a staple for wooded disc golf. Lower power players will find the Echo to be an amazing straight flyer with enough fade to be a reliable workhorse midrange and enough turn to work some anhyzer lines as well.
Whether youre a seasoned pro or brand new to disc golf, the Echo is going to provide you with a lot of fun and beautiful lines. The next great disc from Streamline is here, grab an Echo today!
Speed: 5, Glide: 5, Turn: -1.5, Fade: 1

OTB Open 2023 Wave 2
The Cosmic Neutron Flare heralds the new overstable distance driver and a new plastic blend for Streamline Discs. The Cosmic Flare is a highly overstable driver, with minimal lateral turn and an ending fade that can handle challenging headwinds and powerful throws without risk of losing its flight line. In Cosmic Neutron Plastic, the Flare is a dazzling addition with never before seen color combinations on our premium durable Neutron material.