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Inbounds Disc Golf inFlight Guide 2012 Book
inFlight Guide 2012

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The inFlight Guide uses the Relative Stability Scale¯ to model the flight path of each disc. Unlike other flight charts that utilize an arbitrary numbering system to describe different aspects of a discs flight, the Relative Stability Scale shows flight characteristics relative to the expected minimum and maximum range of values and are displayed as a %. While certain things, such as glide, are important, the Relative Stability Scale simplifies the flight values and summarizes each disc based only on the following:

High-Speed Turn High-Speed Turn occurs during the first part of flight and is the amount to which a disc will turn right. The lower the % (especially negative percentages), the greater the likelihood the disc will bank right (and/or turn over).

Low-Speed Fade as the disc begins to slow down toward the end of its flight, the Low-Speed Fade is the amount to which a disc will bank left. The higher the %, the greater the disc will hook left. Net Stability takes into account the total effect of both High-Speed Turn and Low-Speed Fade to provide the relative stability of a disc and helps to demonstrate the probable left-to-right position of the disc at the end of its flight. The discs with the highest % will be the most overstable and the discs with the lowest % will be the most understable,
with varying levels of overstable, stable, and understable in between.

Distance Expected average distance achievable for a given disc, assuming the disc is thrown at the appropriate arm speed and power level.
  • Flight charts and data for over 370 discs
  • Includes data for current and out-of-production discs
  • PDGA specs for all PDGA approved discs in the guide
  • Flight information for discs by 30 manufacturers
  • Grid-based chart to show not only the flight path and distance, but where the disc will travel on the X-axis, relative to its starting point
  • Important documentation related to the assumptions regarding flight values, the flight rating system, and the factors that will affect disc flight and influence how the flight charts are to be interpreted

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