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Innova Park & Fly Stool Innova Park & Fly Stool
Our Price: $29.99
6 in stock!
Proline Breaker DGA Proline Breaker
Our Price: $15.99
5 in stock!
Ript Revenge Card Game Ript Revenge Card Game
Our Price: $9.99
62 in stock!
Star Mamba Innova Star Mamba
Our Price: $15.99
Zero Pure Latitude 64 Zero Medium Burst Pure
Our Price: $12.99
14 in stock!
DX Katana Innova DX Katana
Our Price: $9.99
Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Bag Straps Dynamic Discs Bag Straps
Our Price: $24.99
1 in stock!
Pinnacle Edition Rival Legacy Discs Pinnacle Rival
Our Price: $15.99
5 in stock!
Discmania Originals C-Line MD3 Discmania Originals C-Line MD3
Our Price: $19.99
(Out of Stock)


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If you're not already an avid player and are shopping for the first time, we know your options might seem overwhelming. We're one of the largest resellers of discs for disc golf, Frisbee dogs, Ultimate Frisbee, and casual play, which means we have something for everyone.

We carry a wide range of affordable options to make disc sports and recreation accessible to everyone! Our store in Southern California features the best golf disc shop selection on the West Coast, and we are well known for how quickly all of our products ship to customers around the world. We have been proudly serving the flying disc community since 1976. Need more information to get started? We're here to help you! Contact us at (714)-522-2202 or email sales@dtworld.com!